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Tableware Brand No.1 Power Brand

Corelle is the world's only three-layered Vitrelle™ Glass dinnerware brand, a sensational design for consumers and a durability that is always convenient and reasonably usable. As a result of these efforts, Corelle, launched in 1970, is the essential item for the kitchen where more than 4 billion items are sold globally as the #1 brand of tableware brand power.

More than 4 Billion Essential items of kitchen sold
47 years of heritage launched in 1970
Triple compressedVitrelle™ glass

Asian patterns tailored to domestic trends

The 'Asian Design Team', which is dominated by domestic designers for our consumers who have a great need for design, is introducing new products of high quality and unique design according to the preferences of Indian consumers.

Corelle's 100% handmade patterns are not peeled or erased by secondary heat treatment after transferring to the clear glass surface, and Corelle's unique durability and sensual pattern styles are harmonized.


Excellent heat resistance

Made from the world's only triple-compression Vitrelle ™ Glass, Corelle is more durable than ordinary glass and porcelain products and has excellent heat resistance, allowing it to be used in microwav

Natural glass material without worrying about harmful substances

We use an environmentally friendly production process that compresses triple glass using only heat and pressure without chemical processing. We also use safe glass materials that comply with the calif

Edge special processing

In order to prevent the frequent occurrence of the teeth in using the bowl, Corelle's edge is specially processed to make it stronger and more resistant to impact, so it can be used like a new one.

Efficient storage without thread

Corelle is a silent, compact design that is thinner than comparable products of the same size, allowing you to store efficiently in a small space of about 5cm even if you stack 10 sheets.

Easy to clean and clean for long use

Corelle is compressed in the form of a transparent glass wrapped up and down, easy to clean, and long-lasting clean and hygienic without smell of food odors.

Thin and light, easy to use

Corelle is two-thirds weight of general ceramics and is thin and lightweight, making it easy to use every day without the burden of wrists.

Corelle's manufacturing process

CORELLE Corning Factory Vitrelle™ Production Process

Each stage is subject to strict management and standards, as well as the preparation of raw materials for environmentally friendly natural materials, as well as the creation of a single bowl. Each product is directly inspected and finished products can only be found on the market if they are subjected to a rigorous heat resistance test at 250 ° C and a durability test at a height of 1.5m from a 60-drop test.

1Material mixture

Mix natural raw materials.

2High heat fusion process

Performs high-temperature fusion work on environmentally friendly raw materials of natural materials completed through special process

3Triple compression process using heat & pressure

Manufacture triple-pressure glass with heat and pressure in the form of a milky glass enclosing a transparent glass up and down.

4Heat treatment gloss work

Polishing with heat treatment for smooth edge treatment and processing of Corelle's pattern.

5Quality inspection

Proceed with first quality inspection

6Pattern design

Through the Asian design team Process Corelle's only pattern.

7Final heat treatment

Second heat treatment is performed to increase durability.

8Final inspection

It can only be released as a finished product until it is subjected to rigorous tests such as a durability test which is performed 60 times at a height of 1.5 m.

Light but strong!!

Light but strong!!

Vitrelle™Glass is a unique name for glass in which three layers of glass are compressed with heat and pressure only. The milky white glass was created by compressing heat and pressure only in the form of a triple wrapping the transparent glass up and down.

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